Determination of Reaction Kinetic Parameters from Variable Temperature Kinetic Study for Oxidative Addition Reaction on Binuclear Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Complexes

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Chemistry, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, 71993-37635, Iran


The pseudo-first order rate constants and activation parameters have been determined using two methods, constant-temperature kinetic (CTK) and variable temperature kinetic (VTK), for the oxidative addition reactions of [Pt2Me2(C^N)2(µ-dppf)], (1a, C^N = deprotonated 2-phenylpyridine (ppy); 1b, C^N = deprotonated benzo[h]quinoline (bhq)) with MeI. The results obtained from VTK method are in agreement with those obtained at CTK method, but there are significant advantages to determine the kinetic reaction parameters under VTK method including time and chemicals saving.


Volume 3, Issue 1
Summer and Autumn 2019
Pages 26-31
  • Receive Date: 31 May 2019
  • Revise Date: 09 June 2019
  • Accept Date: 10 June 2019