Two-dimensional Manganese(II) Coordination Polymer Complex Containing Aqua, Diethyl Phosphate and Chloride Ligands: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, Thermal Analyses, and Crystal Structure

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Department of Chemistry, Farhangian University, Tehran, Iran

2 Faculty of Chemistry, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran


A new two-dimensional manganese(II) coordination polymer, [Mn(μ-DEP)(μ-Cl)(H2O)2]n (1) (DEP is diethyl phosphate), was prepared from the reaction of MnCl2.4H2O and TEP (TEP is triethyl phosphate) ligand in mixture of H2O/CH3OH (1:10) at 40 °C. Suitable crystals of this complex for crystal structure determination were obtained by slow evaporation of the produced colorless solution at room temperature. Complex 1 was characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The X-ray structural analysis indicated that the manganese(II) is six-coordinated in a distorted octahedral configuration by four oxygen atoms from two water and two bridged diethyl phosphate ligands and two bridged chloride anions. Also, the thermal stability of 1 was studied by thermogravimetric and differential thermal analyses.


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Available Online from 01 July 2020
  • Receive Date: 19 June 2020
  • Revise Date: 24 June 2020
  • Accept Date: 25 June 2020